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AQUA 3 Mesh

AQUA 3 Mesh Membrane is a high quality, high density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane. AQUA 3 Mesh incorporates a tough HDPE welded mesh on the face of the membrane. This allows the direct application of lime mortars, renders and plasters. Alternatively a dot and dab plasterboard finish can be used. AQUA 3 Mesh has a stud depth of 3mm which makes it an ideal membrane when space is at a premium.

AQUA 3 Mesh is impermeable and provides an effective vapour barrier. AQUA 3 Mesh is mechanically fixed to the original sound wall surfaces and provides an air gap/drained cavity between the membrane and the wall, which allows ventilation and any free water to run behind it. It is suitable for use in waterproofing structures below ground level and isolating damp walls above ground level. When AQUA 3 Mesh is installed above the DPC level a 10mm gap at the top and a 20mm gap at the base of the wall should be left in order to have a ventilated system. It should be finished with off-set or ventilated covings and skirting.

AQUA 3 Mesh is suitable for use in accordance with BS8102:2009 to provide Type ‘C’ drained protection to structures below ground providing a Grade 3 dry environment suitable for domestic or commercial use. In basements it is essential that AQUA 3 Mesh is used in conjunction with a suitable sump and pump facility (unless passive drainage is available on one side of the building) and this is maintained throughout the lifetime of the installation. A complete range of pumped drainage systems are available. Consideration should also be given to providing adequate means of condensation control where there is a lack of natural ventilation; this can be achieved with a mechanical ventilation system.

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